Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic Tile Cleaning in Newmarket

This ceramic tiled floor had only been laid in a Kitchen floor in Newmarket just over a year ago. The tiles from the Topps Tiles Padova range did not have a glazed finish to them and therefore the owner was having difficulty keeping them clean on a daily basis. I did a quick search on the Internet and it seems this range of tiles are difficult to remove grout smears from once laid.

The floor was cleaned using Tile Doctor Pro-clean diluted with 3 parts water to effectively clean the floor and grout removing the ingrained dirt that had accumulated. The tiled floor was 14m2 and required 2 litres of Pro-Clean to get it clean. The photo below clearly demonstrates the improvement in the two tiles which were cleaned before moving onto the rest.

Ceramic Tiled Floor Cleaning

We washed the floor down with water to neutralise it and then left to dry for a few hours before sealing it with two coats of Seal & Go which on this size of floor required one litre of product. Normally ceramic tiles won’t take a sealer due to the glazing however in this case a sealer will be necessary to protect the floor.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning in Newmarket


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